John Gruber is a graphic designer, blogger, and an editor, who has an interest for WordPress and User Interface design, and enjoys working with a variety of entrepreneurs, geeks, and small businesses far and wide. John is the editor-in-chief and senior writer of this site, where John focuses on web design, the market research industry, tech, and related topics.

Scott Richert is a design enthusiast, blogger, writer, and counselor. In addition to having 10 years’ experience as a Senior Writer, Scott is also an interactive and graphic designer with an overall 12 years of experience. He is also a nerd and prefers reading books in her/his free time.

Jason Harris has been a writer for the last fourteen years for the world’s most renowned brands. Writing and Painting are the two things this guy lives for… next to fried chicken and momos. When he’s not writing about the latest stuff regarding the tech business or busy in pouring his thoughts out on WordPress… he’s relaxing to some contemporary lyrical. Previously, Jason worked as a content manager for a leading tech organization.

Bob is a writing enthusiast who loves gaming and collecting old-school things. At MRL, he is the go-to man for anything related to history or politics. You can usually find him on binge-watching news on TV in his free time.

Our senior news analyst, Dave is a postgraduate in Mass Comm. and has an immense interest in following national developments. Quiet by nature, he is an avid Chess payer. He is responsible for handling the office staff writers and providing them with the latest updates happenings in the country.

David Spencer is the Editor at MRL. He has a Masters in Journalism who loves reading newspapers and writing editorials. David enjoys writing about politics and public welfare. In his spare time he enjoys reading, whisky, and watching soccer.

Elise Nelson is a writer at MRL. She has a degree in communications with a focus in journalism. Elise enjoys writing about any and all things related to breaking news and social cause. In her free time, she enjoys reading novels.