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Hawaiian Airlines flight from LA to Maui canceled due to unspecified mechanical problems: Report

A report says that a Hawaiian Airlines flight from LA to Maui was canceled after turning back three times on Friday. The flight was then forced to return to Los Angeles International Airport following a mechanical fault, according to reports.

Flight 33, bound for Hawaii’s Kahului Airport, was unable to take off late Friday as it was facing some unspecified mechanical problems following which the flight got canceled after turning back three times. Reports say that the third return prompted airline officials to cancel the flight. There have been no details regarding the type of aircraft which faced the mechanical fault.

“We understand our guests’ disappointment and deeply regret their travel plans were disrupted,” Hawaiian Airlines spokesman Alex Da Silva said in a statement, one of the leading news channels reported.

After the flight got canceled, some of the passengers that were disappointed by the cancellation took the concern to Twitter and one of the passengers tweeted:  “I always use @HawaiianAir for inter-island flights but chose to do domestic with them this time, and I realize it was a mistake.”

Airlines spokesman Alex Da Silva after the incident interacted with the leading news channels and informed that Hawaiian Airlines not only refunded the full amount of the fare to the passengers on board but also offered a $100 credit which passengers can use while booking their next flight with Hawaiian Airlines.