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New York dietitian dies after posting a suicide note online

On Thursday, a Manhattan dietitian posted a suicide note online before she hanged herself in her West Village apartment. The dietitian in the suicide note apologized to her mother, the police officers said.

On Wednesday, Tara Condell, 27, a resident of San Francisco was found dead inside her home on West 10th Street around 4:30 p.m. The first responders informed the police about the situation which then performed a wellness check at the scene.

Local sources say that the co-workers informed the authorities after Condell did not come at the Midtown office of Top Balance Nutrition on Wednesday. Co-workers got worried when they saw the suicide note on her website. Till the time cops reached the scene, one of Condell’s co-workers was already waiting outside her house, the sources added.

Apart from leaving a suicide note online, Condell left another suicide note in a folder in her living room, as per sources.

The young woman began the note — which was titled, “I Hate The Word ‘Bye,’ But See You Later Maybe?” — Writing, “I have written this note several times in my head for over a decade, and this one finally feels right. No edits, no overthinking. I have accepted hope is nothing more than delayed disappointment, and I am just plain old-fashioned tired of feeling tired.”

“I realize I am undeserving of thinking this way because I truly have a great life on paper. I’m fortunate to eat meals most only imagine. I often travel freely without restriction. I live alone in the second greatest American city (San Francisco, you’ll always have my heart). However, all these facets seem trivial to me,” Condell wrote.

If someone you know is feeling suicidal or may have suicidal tendencies, then please contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255, and you will get help the very next moment.

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